Saturday, 26 September 2009

BBC History Magazine Podcast

Very recently I began to listen to my podcasts again. They always help with my work and as a result I feel less inclined to spend hours on the internet, and consequently not really working at all.

As I flicked through my podcasts, I found all my old favourites. My comics podcasts, anime casts and several writing ones. It then occurred to me that I had not history podcasts. So I went to the iTunes store and went looking. There was not a great selection, although if you are into military history its worth looking into. I did find one little gem though, that being the BBC History Magazine Podcast. Very informative, and brilliant for those who cannot always afford the magazine, but want to get their historical fix. I have listened to a few episodes recently and I would highly recommend it.

September Issue includes:

A Second World War special by Dr Dan Todman.

The Battle of Quebec by Dan Snow

Elizabeth I's Ladies by Tracy Bowman.

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